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Forms for Salesforce v3 Releases

Updates on Formstack's Forms for Salesforce product v3 release notes.


  • Fixed an issue where subsequent resubmission with objects using a master-detail relationship did not work.


  • Improved form loading speed for a number of use cases.
  • Fixed an issue in Salesforce Search where columns may appear to be out of order if a lookup field is present in the List View with empty values for some records. The name of the related record is now displayed instead of the record id.
  • Fixed an issue where upsert fails and creates a new record if there is trailing space. Trailing spaces are now trimmed when upserting.
  • Fixed an issue where invalid token emails were being sent incorrectly on resubmission of failed submissions.
  • Fixed various issues observed on forms in IE11.
  • Fixed an issue where the date field was not being preserved when configured in a rule. 
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the help/chat icon from appearing in-app.
  • Fixed an issue where redirecting a form on submission then switching back to use a message did not reset the redirect behaviour if the redirect URL was not removed.
  • Fixed an issue where we were inserting a 0 if a number field was left empty or not clearing number field if it was cleared on a prefilled form.
  • Fixed default spacing between buttons as well as popup on save for later forms.
  • Fixed an issue where submissions fail due to "session expired". We will automatically acquire a new access token if the one acquired on initial form load has expired due to configured Salesforce session settings.
  • Required payment fields that are hidden will no longer be set as required to allow submission to go through.
  • Fixed an issue where the date picker does not show on forms embedded using iframe (does not apply to NativeCloud). 
  • Fixed an issue where picklist items were replaced with api names instead of label names when controlled using a field. 


🎨 Beautiful Forms without code!

  1. We have introduced 12 new modern themes!
  2. New forms will now have default themes automatically instead of having a blank theme. Applies to hosted and embedded forms.
  3. We’ve made tweaks to how we render many form fields so they look better without needing complex javascript or CSS.

🎉Rules for General Fields
We now allow rules to be used to target general fields like Payments, Text, Images, Signatures, File Uploads and Captcha.
Supported actions include show/hide, set required/not-required, populate, set read-only/not-read-only, display error message. This previously required javascript.


  • Fixed an issue where overlay for Salesforce Search or NativeCloud Lookup fields does not inherit CSS from the main form. This change also allows you to target CSS elements in the overlay directly in the form CSS which was not possible before.  
  • Fixed an issue where submissions may fail if a pick list is left blank.
  • Fixed an issue with 'To' and 'From' fields in email alerts when using [[AdminEmail]] merge field. 
  • TDAY() can now be used in filename field to include date of submission in filename.
    Example: TDAY() or {{TDAY()}} results in 10/1/2019. Dates can be concatenated with field values - {{TDAY}} [[Account.Name]] results in 10/1/2019Company.


  • New! Stripe payments are now compliant with PSD2 SCA using 3DS
  • Fixed an issue where some URLs could not be merged into Save-for-Later emails (NativeCloud)
  • Fixed an issue where some fields containing 'payment' in name do not appear in Then portion of a rule.
  • Fixed an issue where pages could not be hidden on Community forms.
  • Fixed an issue where selected items in a multi-select firld could not be unchecked from the selected fields list.
  • Fixed an issue where the "required*" styling did not adopt styling of label control in style editor. No longer needs custom CSS to set.
  • Improved appearance of navigation bar by reducing default height and removing bottom border when background is not transparent.
  • Fixed an issue where images could not be conditionally set to show or hide.
  • Improved link styling to be more consistent with style editor settings.
  • Fixed an issue where lookup fields are not available in form builder if the Primary object has multiple lookup fields of same object type.


  • New Feature! Rules can now be used to set all payments fields as required, not-required, read-only, not-read-only, hidden or visible. 

  • New Feature! Improved payment formula validation. Added formula validation failure emails to admin and UI to validate payment formula (payments not available in NativeCloud). 

  • Significant improvement to loading speed of Community forms. 
  • Allow form migration to work with more 20 pages and rules. 
  • Fixed an issue where repeatable child object fields are not being prefilled in NativeCloud.
  • Fixed an issue where upsetting into existing records may fail when some images are on a form (NativeCloud). 
  • Fixed an issue where dragging a file into an upload field may set the file on all upload fields. Also enlarged drop-zone to make drag-n-drop easier (not NativeCloud).
  • Fixed an issue where a required file upload field can prevent submission in NativeCloud.
  • Added org id into authentication token error emails.
  • Fixed an issue where a rule using Contains, Starts with, Ends with may not always work. 
  • Fixed an issue where submission preview does not always allow viewing submission data on subsequent pages in a multi-page form.
  • Fixed an issue where a rule to uncheck a checkbox did not always work.
  • Added a link in-app to Formstack SF App ideas portal.
  • Needs verification (not public) - Improve NativeCloud Community form access to not require sharing settings to be setup for new guess users. 


  • Introduced new warning emails to form admin when payment formulas cannot be successfully executed.
  • Fixed issue where PDF generation may fail if there are broken image or CSS links on form. (not NativeCloud).
  • Fixed issue where signature may not correctly render on generated PDF from a Community form submission.
  • Fixed an issue where PDFs generated from NativeCloud Community submission do not have the correct content-type and may not render automatically on Chrome. 
  • Fixed issue impacting file uploads on NativeCloud with '&' in filename.
  • Added individual field to specify authentication token when migrating forms.
  • Allow form migration updates into forms that have draft changes in progress.
  • Significant improvement in rule execution on Community forms.
  • Improved rendering and usage of radio buttons within Community forms.
  • Resolved issue where warning about missing remote site setting is shown to new users.
  • Resolved issue where special characters in object names affect form building and rules functionality.


  • Introduced new functionality as part of Release Management Tools 
  • Migrate styles
  • Migrate payment fields
  • View migration errors in destination org
  • Migrate alerts
  • Approval process for migrated forms
  • Salesforce Search (feature activated by request only)
  • ’%’ wildcard characters no longer need to be used. All search queries will be converted to %search text% automatically.
  • Accept ListViews with complex AND OR logic for search criteria.
  • Searches with results that contain special characters will now work as expected



  • Fixed an issue where some forms may become corrupted or duplicated and require technical support to fix.
  • Fixed an issue where the payment amount was concatenating values in some edge cases instead of summing values in a mathematical formula.
  • Fixed an issue where a Salesforce user is not able to assign themselves as Primary user and authenticate to acquire refresh token.
  • Fixed issue related to iATS payment where amount was truncating digits after a comma if it was not removed.


  • Fix amount rounding issue for Stripe payment fields. For example, previously, 53.57686 was rounded to 53.58 on form and in Salesforce but sent as 5.57 to Stripe. The correct value of 53.58 will now be used in all places (Salesforce, Payment Email, Stripe).
  • Changed the mapping id for Stripe single payment setup to Stripe's Charge Id (i.e. ch_xxx). Previously we were using Stripe's Balance Transaction Id (txn_xxx) which is incorrect. Either id can be used in Stripe search dashboard to find the related transaction.


  • Fixed an issue where NativeCloud submissions made in UTC+1 are submitted with a date of prior day. NativeCloud submission dates are no longer converted.


  • Fixed loading issue for IE11 embedded NativeCloud forms.
  • Fixed NativeCloud style issue where forms with custom style were being rendered narrower then expected.
  • Fixed issue where record type lookup fields for related lookup objects where not showing the correct list of available record types.
  • Fixed an issue in NativeCloud where pages may be displayed out of order in certain scenarios. 


  • Updated functionality of auto-generated prefill links to allow setting custom url prefix for links generated by 'Update existing records' action. Previously this could only be applied to new records.


  • Fixed an issue with integration that prevented some credit cards from being used.
  • Added CSP Trusted Sites for formstack domains to allow Community Forms to properly function. Existing Communities will need to manually activate the added Formstack CSP Trusted Sites. 


  • Fixed various issues with integration.
  • Fixed issues with iATS integration expiry date.
  • Introduced new ZenDesk based support system. 


  • Fixed an issue in NativeCloud where repeated child fields were not always populating when using Save-for-Later.
  • Fixed an issue where adding and removing repeated sections where not always saved when using Save-for-Later.
  • Fixed an issue in NativeCloud where prefilled repeated child objects were not being submitted successfully.
  • Fixed an issue in generating new keys for advanced prefill.


  • Fixed an issue where drawn e-signatures were not visible on Submission Preview and generated PDFs.
  • Fixed an issue with displaying error messages using rules in NativeCloud.


  • Added ability to display error messages in matrix fields.
  • Added ability to use rules to configure a matrix field as read-only/not read-only.
  • Added ability to use Matrix in a repeatable section.
  • No longer allowing repeatable object fields to be dragged outside of repeatable sections.
  • Fixed an issue with payment formula fields where 2 dropdown with similar values did not result in the correct calculation.
  • Fixed an issue removing a secondary object from a form which has a matrix field, only the first field of the matrix is included as affected in the alert message instead of all affected fields.
  • Fixed an issue where setting a related object as repeatable breaks a matrix containing fields from that object.
  • Fixed an issue where removing an object does not remove a matrix which has no fields from other objects.
  • Fixed an issue where long text in the first column of a matrix overflows instead of wrapping around.
  • Design improvements for matrix in Builder.
  • Improvements to matrix creation and navigation in builder.
  • Fixed Save-for-Later in NativeCloud for Matrix fields.
  • Fixed an issue with prefill for matrix fields.
  • Fixed keyboard tab navigation in matrix fields.
  • Fixed an issue with renaming field labels of matrix fields in Builder.
  • Fixed an issue with drag and drop of matrix sections.
  • Fixed issue where changes to a matrix column settings were not saved in builder.
  • Improved ability to add fields to the beginning or end of a matrix.



  • New welcome screen to more easily assign primary user and provide contact phone number.
  • Added support for generating dynamic prefill links on Person Accounts. Custom prefill trigger is no longer required for this object.
  • Fixed an issue where a conditional rule on items in a Multipicklist field would not match and show a field.
  • Fixed navigation issues in Lightning mode.
  • Fixed issues with upsert on Date/DateTime fields on NativeCloud.
  • Date/Date Time fields now accept input format of 1/1/2017 or 01/01/2017.
  • PDF formatting improvements.
  • Fixed an issue with file upload deletion on Save-for-Later forms. 


Forms built on sandbox will now use a new URL. New app releases will go to sandbox first to allow for testing prior to being released to production environments. Forms can be tested using sandbox URL or production URL interchangeably. Only newly published forms on sandbox will reflect the new URLs.

New URL format:
- Hosted Form:<5-digit-hosted_form_code> 
- Prefill Form:<encrypted_encrypted_string>
- Embedded Form:<encrypted_parameter>

NativeCloud forms on a sandbox org are not impacted by this change since all forms are hosted on and served from the sandbox org's site.


  • Added a warning message visible only to Administrators if a Community form is configured for Record List Prefill but not embedded on a Record Detail page.
  • Added special character support (like "," "." and "-") in rules and merge fields in email bodies.
  • Fixed issue in saved forms where special characters in the selected value of picklist caused that picklist option to be displayed with HTML encoding and the value to not be selected.
  • Fixed issue where commas (,) were not supported in picklist field values in rules and prefilled forms.
  • Fixed issue where e-signature field was not showing on Submission Preview.
  • Fixed issue in rules where a currency/number field value that contains a comma is treated as a decimal point causing incorrect logic.
  • Fixed issue where some NativeCloud customers where not able to submit Community form submissions.
  • Fixed issue where Lookup fields show no results if underlying ListView uses 'Contains' or 'Not Contains' logic.
  • Fixed issues with picklist and multi-picklist fields to support all special characters. Semi-colon (';') is not supported in multi-picklist field.
  • Fixed issue where failed submissions with a date field were failing resubmission.
  • Fixed encoding issue in payment field setup where HTML is visible in field list options.
  • Fixed issue where some special characters (like %, &) in a submission caused Submission Preview screen to show blank submission.
  • Fixed Multi-picklist field to use scrollable height in Submission Preview.
  • Now sending CVV to iATS payment gateway API in lowercase to reduce potential issues.
  • Validation for date and datetime fields has been fixed. Invalid input was previously being submitted as null/empty and now show validation message and prevents submission.
  • The "Thank you" message was not showing on embedded forms and is now fixed.


  • Fixed an issue where picklist values where not correctly selected while setting up rules.
  • Fixed an issue where lookup fields for custom objects may not work.
  • Fixed an issue where a lookup field for a related detail object is displayed on form.

3.55 / 3.56

  • Fixed issue where DateTime fields were not formatted in end user format in generated pdf.
  • Fixed an issue where forms with rules using AND operation or picklist with & value failed to execute on some submissions.
  • Fixed issue where submissions containing currency fields may fail to generate PDFs.
  • Resolved issue were submissions were failing due to bad conversion of datetime field to Salesforce format.
  • Fixed issue on forms with e-signatures where rules were not being executed.


  • New Features!
  • Improved support for using and assigning to Queues and Groups in lookup fields across application and forms!
  • Improved support for multi-object lookup fields in application!
  • Fixed issues with double quotes in picklist fields.
  • Resolved issue where file names where not properly set if they contained special characters or merge fields representing special characters.
  • Fixed issue preventing FF_OnBeforeRender() from executing.
  • Various fixes for datetime fields. Requires field removal, app refresh, field re-add to take effect. International date formatting supported through sample javascript.
  • Fixed an issue where a field API name case change would break form prefill.
  • Fixed issue where a forms navigation bar page title did not properly handle special characters.
  • Fixed an issue where a field API name case change would break form prefill.
  • Fixed issue with file uploads on NativeCloud Community forms.
  • Added a helper button in Admin Settings panel to quickly add a Remote Site for all Communities in org to allow Community Forms to function (NativeCloud).
  • Resolved issues with rules not properly executing on NativeCloud Community Forms.
  • Added a warning when publishing a form after migration from sandbox if there are issues that need to be resolved first.
  • Changed default "From" email address for email alerts to
  • Added all payment error codes to Admin payment failure email for payments.
  • Fixed issue where record type lookup fields for child objects where not showing the correct list of available record types.


  • New Feature: Community Record List Prefill! 

  • Fixed issue that prevented migration of forms between Salesforce orgs.
  • Various stability fixes for NativeCloud Community forms
  • Fixed issue where special characters were shown in Date fields of e-signatures.
  • Fixed issues related to some special characters in picklists.
  • Various stability issues to remote site setting creation.
  • Fixed “Bad Message 431” issues when accessing application.
  • Various fixes to e-signature alert emails.
  • Validation enabled on payment email alert fields.
  • Fixed issues where payment email confirmation alert is saved but not visible in UI.
  • Fixed issue with Send By Email functionality.
  • Fixed special characters issue in Edit Rules tab on IE
  • Fixed issues where some fields were not saving in draft forms.
  • Fixed issue with save-for-later and rules not working well together.
  • Fixed issue where rules were not saving Text Area.
  • Fixed issue where some pick list values prevent submission into Salesforce.


  • New Feature! Resubmit failed submissions automatically when authentication token needs to be reset.

  • Improvement! New line characters in Text Area and Long Text Area fields are counted as 2 lines as a workaround to Salesforce issue (

  • Fixed issue where special characters in pick lists prevented Rules from functioning properly.
  • Fixed stability issues with E-Signature fields and alerts.
  • Fixed issues with Send by Email feature.
  • Fixed permission set issues with NativeCloud Communities.
  • Now enforcing validation on Payment Alert emails. Stability fixes to email alerts.
  • Fixed issue where thank you dialog could not be disabled in form editor.
  • Fixed “Bad Message 431" issue observed by some users on accessing application.
  • Fixed an issue where NativeCloud Javascript was being parsed as HTML.
  • Fixed an issue where radio buttons were marked as read-only on NativeCloud forms.


  • Fixed issue where app may experience issues with new forms if org has 999+ objects.
  • Fixed issue where some customers where not able to access application due to user permissions. 


  • Just Launched 🚀Community Forms for NativeCloud now available

  • New feature 🎉Payment fields can now be hidden/unhidden using conditional rules!


  • Fixed issue where some e-signature fields were not properly formatted or did not save a PDF to Salesforce on submission.
  • Fixed an issue where picklists were cut-off on the right in Community Forms.


  • Fixed issues with forms using payment integrations. 
  • Reduced SOQL and Apex callout usage on NativeCloud. 


  • Released improved in-app support chat functionality with email transcripts available to Enterprise, Enterprise Plus and NativeCloud customers!


  • Fixed issues with cut-off vertical and horizontal text in submission PDFs.
  • Fixed an issue related to instance URLs where submission data appeared unmapped in submission dashboard.


  • Fixed issue where prefill prefix was not being used for all new records being created.


  • New: All trialers are now set to Enterprise Plus plan by default and can build Lightning Community Forms!

  • Improvement: Guest user license assignment is no longer required on NativeCloud!
  • Fixed issue where user was not able to assign themselves as the primary user in Admin Settings Panel.
  • Fixed an issue where users can’t be assigned in partial copy sandboxes.
  • Fixed an issue where an exception is encountered by some users on application access.


  • New Feature: File Upload fields can now be made required/not-required! 


  • Fixed issue where some orgs mistakenly show an authentication token warning message.  
  • Fixed issues related to lookup field prefill in Community forms. 
  • Fixed issue where some forms with HTML embedded in general text fields would cause the browser to freeze. 


  • New Feature: 1-click button to refresh authentication token when it is no longer valid (limited to Enterprise Plus or sitelicense customers for now)
  • Salesforce security re-review and associated application security hardening completed. 
  • Updated system to be PayFlow TLS 1.2 and HTTP/1.1 Endpoint compliant
  • Various improvements to how Remote Site Settings are handled for authentication and Community forms callouts. 
  • Improved experience for adding non-admin users to the application. 
  • "Remove Instance Names from URLs" Critical Update now supported (see
  • Fixed issue where form images are broken when MyDomain is enabled. 
  • Fixed issue with custom formulas on Community forms. 


  • New Feature: Admin Panel Settings enabled for users with “Manage Package Licenses” and "Assign Permission Sets" (limited to Enterprise Plus or sitelicense customers for now)
  • New Feature: New mechanism in Admin Settings Panel to automatically add Remote Site Settings for all org Communities to enable Dynamic Prefill. 
  • New Feature: Added original submitter user detail to Community Form submission detail page (maintained after resubmit). 
  • Fixed issue in NativeCloud where hosted forms did not have custom prefix url set if it was configured. 
  • Fixed issue where submission dashboard search did not work in some cases.
  • Fixed issue where radio buttons and checkboxes were not prefilling on Community Forms. 
  • Changed the accepted size of TLD from 4 to 63 per rfc1034 to accept longer domain names. 
  • Fixed issue that caused authentication token to become marked as invalid.


  • New feature: Prefill of Lightning Community Forms!
  • Added Community Style Template as default style for Lightning Community Forms.


  • Fixed issue related to chatter uploads not working in NativeCloud
  • Fixed issue where multi-page navigation bar auto populates "back" if you don't specify a value
  • Fixed issue where special characters are not properly displayed in picklists


  • Fixed issue where the submission Dashboard reports an incorrect IP address for source of submission.
  • Fixed issues with where picklist and mutli-select flex fields dont look right on the pdf


  • Fixed Nativecloud Date/Datetime prefill issue
  • XSS security fix.
  • Currency label's length for payment field is increased to 4 to accomodate different type of currency labels
  • Community Forms can now be created using a new button on main screen.


  • Fixed issue where double clicking to edit form name did not work.
  • Fixed issue in freemium package tier
  • Fixed issue where NativeCloud child records where not prefilled.
  • Fixed issue where error on payment email was not sent to admin.
  • Released a new way to make it easy to remember how to publish Community Forms. 
  • Introduced permission set for Community Forms access.


  • Introduced a new permission set for auto-generated prefill links that can be assigned to nonFormstack users in Salesforce that invoke Salesforce processes and require prefill link generation on new records.
  • Fix redirect and lookups in Community Form preview.
  • Added Community form configured context to app.
  • Fixed lookups on Community forms for logged-in user
  • Fixed issues with Test Drive orgs preventing form creation.
  • Fixed issues in NativeCloud where file attachments and PDFs are not being attached to record that is being assigned to a queue after record creation.


  • Fixed issue with required fields preventing alerts from being saved. 
  • Fixed issue with Save-for-later on NativeCloud forms with prefill enabled. 


  • Fix issue with E-Signature introduced in v3.12.
  • Allow special characters and multiple email addresses to be used in alert emails 


  • Various security fixes including protection from javascript injection issues and XSS issues.
  • Fixes to improve security relating to storage of sensitive payment information.
  • Fix issue where merge fields in email alerts do not encode special characters or spaces properly.
  • Fix issue where rules above #100 do not work.


  • Fixed issues related to remote site settings
  • Update package name of app to Formstack
  • Fix issue preventing file uploads on Case object
  • Fix issue with lookup fields embedded on a Visual Force page on a record detail page
  • Fix issue where non special characters in a subject field of a custom alert cause a publishing error


  • Rebranding of Fast Forms to Formstack throughout Salesforce application and email alerts.
  • Switch from to * for new hosted and embedded forms.
  • Update email alerts with Formstack branding and new templates.
  • Various Communities related fixes
  • Fix an issue where hidden fields are not hidden on generated PDFs in NativeCloud
  • Fix Captcha on NativeCloud


  • Prevent conflicts due to mixed jQuery versions
  • Various Communities related fixes
  • Embedded links no longer use hosted form CSS
  • Various multipage/navigation bar fixes
  • Metadata updates to add descriptions to custom fields on standard objects
  • NativeCloud special character escape fix